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Our 10 piece SAWZALL� blade set features an assortment of standard wood and metal cutting reciprocating saw blades for a broad range of professional applications. The set includes two 6" wood cutting blades for increased control and one 9" wood cutting blade for greater cutting capacity. NAIL GUARD� protects your blade's teeth from fracturing during cutting while the FANG TIP� feature allows you to easily perform plunge cuts. The blade set also includes three 6" 14TPI blades for medium to thick metal cutting, three 6" 24 TPI blades for thin metal cutting, and one 9" 18 TPI blade for medium metal cutting. The metal cutting blades feature TOUGH NECK� ribs that strengthen your blade's tang and minimize breakage. In addition to the 10 recip saw blades, the SAWZALL� blade set includes a durable case allowing you to conveniently store the blades while on the jobsite.