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18V 16A Fast Charger

SKU: GAL18V-160

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This high-power 18V, 16-amp Hell-ion turbo charger is fast and faster, getting the user back to work fast in standard mode and even faster in power-boost mode. The Bosch GAL18V-160C is a connected-ready charger that can charge a spent CORE18V 4.0 Ah battery to 50% in 9 min and 80% in 21 min. The GAL18V-160C is also capable of charging an 8.0 Ah CORE18V battery from spent to 50% in 15 min, and 80% in 26 min, It provides active air-cooling, using two fans to cool the battery, optimizing charging time while protecting batteries from overheating. It features a Power-Boost mode, which boosts electrical current charging to 50% in the shortest time. The charger can connect via a Connectivity Module (sold separately), linking it to a connected device for battery health, charge level and charge mode statuses. Standard and Power-Boost modes are available on the charger. All four available modes � including Max Lifetime and Storage � can be activated via the Toolbox app. Additionally, any of the four available modes can be selected as default mode via the App. The charger features five battery charging indicator lights letting you see charging progress from a distance. It is compatible with Bosch 18V Lithium-ion batteries.