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18V Kit w/1x8.0Ah CORE F

SKU: GXS18V-12N14

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This CORE18V 8.0 Ah Performance Starter Kit delivers next-gen battery performance and fast charger speed necessary for tackling brutal applications. The PROFACTOR Performance battery is a truly flexible power system providing compatibility with a full range of Bosch 18V Li-ion cordless tools. Furthermore, the Performance Battery is optimized for PROFACTOR tools featuring BITURBO Brushless technology, a high-performance motor and drive-train system delivering power comparable to high-demand corded tools. The Bosch CORE18V 8.0 Ah PROFACTOR Performance battery delivers 100% more runtime and over 75% more power than the CORE18V 4.0 Ah Compact battery. At only 2.14 Lbs., this 8.0 Ah battery provides the ideal balance of size, weight and power. The Performance Battery includes the latest 21700 cell technology and CoolPack 2.0 heat-management system for power and efficiency. The included Bosch 18V 8-amp charger uses regulated dual-mode charging and a cooling fan to get users power ready quickly.