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2V Combo Level Laser G

SKU: GCL100-80CG

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The Bosch GCL100-80CG 12 V Max Green-Beam Connected Cross-Line Laser with Plumb Points delivers all-in-one versatility, with highly visible lines and points. They provide horizontal level, vertical alignment and plumb point transfer applications. The tool features Bosch-exclusive VisiMax� technology, which monitors tool temperature and power consumption to deliver the brightest line for the job. The laser projects visible green lines up to 100 Ft., which are up to 4X brighter than standard red beams. The laser features Bosch 12 V Max Lithium-ion power for extended laser runtime during complex or all day layout jobs, provides a visible range of 100 Ft. and can work with an optional Bosch laser receiver to extend that range to 165 Ft. The Smart Pendulum System self-levels up to �4�, indicates out-of-level condition and locks for safe tool transport. The manual mode locks lines for use at any angle. The laser comes with the RM 2 Magnetic Rotating Mount that rotates 360�, has a micro-fine adjustment knob and includes a ceiling grid clip.