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504 3/16" 80 Grit Flapwheel

SKU: 5000504

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Turn your Dremel rotary tool into a versatile sanding machine with the 504 3/16 In. (4.8 mm) 80 Grit Flapwheel. Flapwheels work well for gentle paint or rust removal, light material clean up, and polishing flat or contoured surfaces. They're effective as a finishing sander after heavier surface sanding and material removal is completed. The 504 features a medium 80 grit abrasive, perfect for sanding bare wood to prepare it for removing varnish and final finishing. Flapwheels grind and polish flat or contoured surfaces Effective as finishing sander after heavy -surface sanding and material removal is complete 1/8 In. mandrel 80 grit for medium finish sanding