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8V CORE18 12.0 Ah Battery

SKU: GBA18V120

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The Bosch CORE18V 12.0 Ah PROFACTOR Exclusive Battery delivers endurance with corded-comparable power and extended runtime. This PROFACTOR Battery is engineered exclusively for tools featuring BITURBO Brushless Technology, a high-performance motor and drive-train system designed to deliver power comparable to high-demand corded tools; compatible with PROFACTOR tools. Plus, the CORE18V 12.0 Ah battery delivers at least 50% more runtime than the CORE18V 8.0 Ah battery. At only 3.04 Lbs., this CORE18V battery provides performance comparable to larger and heavier alternatives. The Exclusive Battery combines 21700 cells with cutting-edge design advancements � including copper end plates, power rails and a flexible circuit board � that reduce resistance and increase efficiency. The Bosch-exclusive CoolPack 2.0 heat-management system cools the battery 15% faster and provides 135% longer lifetime compared to non-CoolPack Bosch 18V Lithium-ion batteries. The Bosch PROFACTOR System delivers corded power performance that�s engineered to last.