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The 8-metre/26-foot 2018 FATMAX tape measure delivers 13 feet of straighter standout.* It's engineered to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand with baseball-inspired grip, and equipped with our patented Twin-Core technology for a compact case design. Plus, it's built to last with the longest-lasting blade coating ever applied to a FATMAX tape measure and two times the BladeArmor coating** to reinforce the hook end. FEATURES 13 ft. straighter reach, more than ever before Less bulk and a comfortable grip, it's easier to hold and takes up less space on your tool belt 6-inch of BladeArmor reinforcement to help reduce breakage at the hook Built to last, survives a 50 ft. drop Engages and disengages with ease, and holds strong when locked New, screw-free belt clip design allows for easy fastening and removal