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Multi-Purpose Metal Handle Utility Knife

SKU: 180

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This Olfa Multi-Purpose metal handle utility knife is the modern version of the original snap-off cutter. Some call it the "Slim Jim". Perfect for general home/office use and light-duty cutting jobs. Features a sturdy metal handle designed for control and comfort, slide-lock blade positioning, and a pocket clip/built-in blade snapper for convenience. Metal handle includes AB Blade. Blade is made of high-quality carbon tool steel and designed for unparalleled sharpness and superior edge retention. Long lasting and durable - a new sharp edge with just a snap. Fits AB, ABB, ABS Blades Slide mechanism Metal body No tool blade change Pocket Clip and blade snapper Preloaded with an AB silver snap-off blade Good For: Applications such as paint, window film and packaging. Cuts tape, shrink wrap, wallpaper, film, cardboard, caulking and more.