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SKU: 2112-21

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Our REDLITHIUM� USB ROVER� Pocket Flood Light is powered by REDLITHIUM� USB and allows you to stick it, wear it, and carry it anywhere. This small floodlight delivers you 445 lumens of TRUEVIEW� High Definition Output with all-day runtime, more recharges, and 3X faster charging via USB. You can stick, clip, and carry it anywhere with its dual magnet clip, perfect for mechanical, electrical, H/VAC-R, MRO, and automotive trades. The USB rechargeable light is impact and chemical resistant to withstand harsh environments. With two light output modes, you can maximize brightness or extend runtime with up to 13 hours of light on a single charge. The Milwaukee REDLITHIUM� USB Battery can be recharged in the flashlight via Micro USB or swapped out with additional REDLITHIUM� USB Batteries for virtually no downtime. The MILWAUKEE� REDLITHIUM� USB ROVER� Pocket Flood Light is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.