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SKU: 1421916

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LePage PL 300 is a high grab, premium grade foam board insulation adhesive specially developed for bonding all types of polystyrene and polyurethane insulation materials. PL 300 is waterproof and bonds exceptionally well to most common building materials. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this adhesive is unaffected by water, moisture or temperature fluctuations when fully cured. When used as directed, this adhesive won't harm foam board. Bonds well to polystyrene and urethane foams, including Styrofoam SM, Celfort and white Styrofoam Water resistant, high grab, with no burn-through or foam board attack Recommended for bonding foam to concrete, wood, brick and drywall, and for cold storage unit construction Not suitable for bonding two pieces of foamboard, or for applications where temperature is greater than 60�C Specifications: Product: Foam adhesive Manufacturer: LePage Model: 1421916 Container: Cartridge Colour: Tan Qty: 295 ml