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PL Premium MAX

SKU: 2292242

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LEPAGE 2292242 266mL PL Premium Max Construction Adhesive is the strongest and most durable construction adhesive that remains 100% solid* after curing. Thanks to the unique high solid content adhesive technology, this product is ideal for most interior or exterior projects where long term strength and durability are a must. It can be applied to dry or wet surfaces and in both cold (down to -12�C) and hot (49�C) temperatures. Great for framing, flooring, stairs, railings, most landscaping and deck projects; and other construction or remodeling projects. FEATURES The strongest most durable bond to all materials Remains 100% solid and does not develop air pockets Fast grab and is repositionable for 20 minutes Easy to apply in all conditions, even down to -12�C Easy extrusion at low temperatures Weatherproof