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8V 10kLUM LED FloodLight

SKU: GLI18V-10000CN

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This cordless, portable floodlight produces up to 10,000 lumens, which is brighter than 500 Watt floodlight, The GLI-18V-10000C floodlight with Bluetooth� provides high-powered brightness, which can light up a large jobsite. It features Bluetooth� connectivity and outstanding runtime. The Toolbox App connects to the GLI18V-10000C with Bluetooth�, to control the floodlight's operation. Users can turn the light on and off remotely. They can dim the light, set it on a timer, check the battery status, and control groups of lights using a mobile device. It also has a user interface, for battery and brightness status. There are three brightness settings (10,000, 5,000 and 1,000 lumens), with corresponding adjustments in runtime. The light delivers great runtime provided by rechargeable Bosch 18V batteries (not included). The light provides 12.5 minutes per battery amp-hour at 10,000 lumens and up to 120 minutes per amp hour at the lowest setting. Built with a solid metal body, the floodlight two heavy-duty bars, which help to guard the LED from impact. The light has an adjustable stand for versatile positioning, a 5/8 In.-11 thread mount. This is a bare tool; the battery and charger are sold separately.