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PC361-3 Power Cleaner Heavy-Duty Pad

SKU: PC361-3

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Stubborn stains and surface scratches are no match for the Dremel Versa Heavy-Duty Pad. The micro-fiber abrasive is great for tough indoor and outdoor use. The multi-purpose surface can be used in wet or dry applications to clean patio furniture, remove paint, and much more. Embedded grit abrasive pad cuts through tough, stuck on messes Quick and easy accessory change with the hook and loop system Oversized accessories get into corners and tight spaces Recommended uses: patio furniture, paint removal, uncoated cookware, and more Surface preparation such us sanding of wood, drywall, metal and metal welds, removing paint and rust. Not recommended for aluminum, stainless steel, copper, coated nonstick cookware, non tempered glass or aquarium as it will scratch the surface.