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SKU: 58300

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This IRWIN� QUICK-GRIP� 3-Inch Spring Clamp acts as an extra pair of hands when you need to stabilize materials on the job site. Their spring-loaded grips allow for singled handed operation, so you can position stock with your free hand for precise positioning. This Irwin spring clamp features large jaws that grip onto materials with irregular lips or body shapes. Its 3-inch capacity and 3-inch throat depth position the jaw heads further onto your work surface, so the hold lasts as long as possible. The Quick-Grip spring clamp has protection pads at the end of each jaw, so it does not create impact marks when it grips onto finished surfaces. The tool's resin body withstands exposure to outdoor work sites and it resists damage from minor impacts. You can pair this Irwin clamp with similar clamps to secure larger surfaces.